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Ningbo Suen Photoelectric Quality Assurance Card
Thank you for purchasing Suhner LED photoelectric products, become a member of photoelectric Suhner users, you use our products to our trust and support, for your service is our duty, in order to protect your legal rights, exemption of your purchase please read the menace from the rear, the content of the provision, and for safekeeping, with this warranty, warranty for Suhner photoelectric users to buy products. And provide you with the standard warranty service in the terms of the terms of service.
1. The warranty period and scope

1) the warranty period: lighting, light source, controller warranty for 2 years, within 2 days of the warranty period to arrive at on-site maintenance and repair, lamps and lanterns under normal operation failure, the company repair or replace for free until the lamps and lanterns are functioning normally.

2) scope of warranty: except for man-made damage, damage to the third party and force majeure damage in the installation works, all parts, units or units are damaged by the quality of the manufacturer's supply, all of which belong to the scope of warranty.

2, Other commitments in the service

1) using the original LED light source, long life and low power consumption.

2) all the products produced were tested for aging.

3) the product itself is found to have a quality problem (not a human cause) and unconditional replacement during the installation.

4) actively cooperate with the work of construction, construction units and design institutes, and improve the design work to maximize the best performance of the products. During the installation process, we can apply our company to send professional and technical personnel to guide installation and commissioning.

5) after the expiration of the warranty period, the company will still carry on the consultation to solve the related problems in the use of lamps and lanterns.

6) after the expiration of the warranty period, the product will be paid a life-long warranty, and the required parts are charged on the market price.

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